How to trace your family history online.

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Tracing your Family History has never been more popular and this website has been produced to help anyone wanting to find out more about their ancestry.

Researching your family history is a very rewarding hobby. By understanding the past and the lives that your ancestors led, you might be able to understand a little more about yourself. If you can get a real sense of your ancestors hopes and fears, aspirations, achievements and disappointments, you may just find clues as to who you are.

Discovering the social history of the individuals that you are researching, where they lived, where they went to school, what occupation(s) they engaged in, their relationships, their children’s lives, their parents lives and so on is a fascinating, exploratory process.

On you will find hints and tips on beginning your Family History research. For example, on our Family History page you will be advised to start right at the beginning by interviewing older family members about their lives and experiences and finding out what they know about the family’s history.

You will also find pages giving more detailed guidance on where to look for specific genealogical information eg Parish Records, Wills, Census Records etc. as well as suggestions as to why that information might be useful to you,

There is also a Resources page which we will be adding to in the future and which will include recommended books, DVD’s, websites, software and useful links etc.

We recommend that you take advantage of the free 14 day trial. They have millions of family history records so this is a great opportunity to see what it’s like, how it works and if it can help you. To give it a try, just click on the link below:

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