BillionGraves and MyHeritage Joint Venture Records Gravestones Worldwide.

Billion Graves and MyHeritage have been working together on a joint initiative to capture images of gravestones worldwide and transcribe the information on them.

As any family history researcher who has spent time in a cemetery is aware, gravestones are highly prone to damage and erosion. Most of them have never been transcribed and their information needs to recorded before they succumb to the ravages of time and nature and become indecipherable.

Using the free Android and iOS app BillionGraves, users have been able to record and document gravestones and add them to a ‘free to access’ database. With MyHeritage now on board with its tens of millions of users, the collection and transcription of photos using the BillionGraves app is accelerating.

Following the announcement of the partnership back in February 2014, the President of BillionGraves, Hudson Gunn welcomed the MyHeritage user community support and their assistance in the preservation of this valuable family history resource.

The partnership has made the app available in 25 languages which adds significantly to it’s resource base. The CEO and founder of MyHeritage, Gilad Japhet, emphasised the importance of gravestones in providing information for the family historian and also welcomed the partnership initiative.

Free searches of an index of events dates (eg births and deaths) corresponding to the gravestone transcriptions are available using SuperSearch, the MyHeritage historical records search engine.

The BillionGraves website publishes records information on a monthly basis. June 2015 saw 497,368 new photos and 645,272 new records added to the database.



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