DNA Testing

DNA Ancestry testing services are advertised online and offer access to ancestry databases. Your DNA results are compared to that of current world population groups and you will be given access to an ancestry database to find common ancestors.

Once ordered online, you will be sent a DNA Testing kit with which you can collect your DNA at home and return in a pre-paid envelope.

Depending on the service provider, there are 4 main types of DNA Ancestry Test:

Paternal Ancestry (Male)

Maternal Ancestry (Female)

World Match (Combined)

Ancestry by DNA (Combined)

From the results, and depending which test you’re choosing to take, the following information which can be obtained includes :

Paternal Migration Routes
Maternal Migration Routes
Top 20 Population Matches
Top 10 Euro Matches
Ethnic Ancestry Breakdown
Online Database Access
Surname and Lineage Projects

This testing for DNA ancestry was originated by Bryan Sykes, an Oxford University geneticist who has pblished research that shows that everyone of European descendancy could, by using DNA ancestry testing, trace their ancestry back to just one of seven women – “the seven daughters of Eve” – who lived around 40,000 years ago.