Family Tree Maker Review

Organizing ancestry records and information is often seemingly of secondary importance to the acquisition of that information, but ignore this at your peril. You can quickly become submerged in masses of offline and online family history data to a point where it will seriously impede your progress with your research.

Family Tree Maker is software that is designed to work and synchronize with the Ancestry databases. It allows you to organize your genealogy records on your desktop as well as online and update and synchronize from either source automatically. It is also a standalone family tree software package and is extremely useful without an Ancestry subscription

The software is well designed and presented, enabling the organization of all your family history records –  images, maps, documents and notes. Despite of its feature sets and capabilities, the software is very user friendly and accessible to those who aren’t very computer literate.

There is a help section within the software and Ancestry also provide the following tutorials online:

Family Tree Maker Basics

Creating a Tree

Adding Details to Your Tree

Using Maps

Illustrating Your Tree

Adding Sources

Sharing Your Tree

Researching Online

Using Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Together

Working from a dashboard, you can see at a glance the status of your ‘trees’ (family tree maker enables multiple trees). And so can guests. One of the principal features of Family Tree Maker is that it allows you to share information through Ancestry and engage with the family history community worldwide. This is a huge benefit. You will almost certainly hit a brick wall in your research at some point and it’s usually others who either have that missing information, or know somebody who has.

Start by entering details of members of your family such as birth, marriage, and death dates, where they lived and dates and relationships to others. Add photographs, sound recordings or videos. You can then view the information you have entered in a variety of forms, such as summary pages, ancestry trees, or as smart stories.

Create a variety of family history books automatically from your data using the tools provided. Copy source material from other websites and attach it to an individual’s record. Create and export a variety of genealogical reports.

Family Tree Maker has been the software of choice for thousands of family historian for many years and has a built a reputation as one of the best on the market. If you are looking to organize your family tree and records, then look no further.

Family Tree Maker (UK)

Family Tree Maker (US – Available for download only)