We all use the internet to research our family history now as well as the more traditional resources, and there is so much information readily available from an almost infinite number of sources that we can very quickly become overwhelmed by it all.

Here is just some of the material that you’re likely to encounter during your researches:

Public records – BMD – Births, Marriages and Death records
Record repositories references
State/County/Town references
Family interview recording
Internet links
Email contacts addresses

etc, etc, etc…

What do we do with it all? How do we store it? How do we make it easily accessible for ourselves, our friends and our family? Most importantly, how do we make sense of it all ???

The key to this dilemma (and if you haven’t organized your findings, you soon will have a dilemma) is simple:

The clue is in the last sentence – Organization!

You will need help, and that help is readily available in software products.

One of the better one-stop shops for the organizing of family history related research that I’ve found so far is right here at The Ancestry Store. Check out the stuff there and see if it can help.

Software packages that can store and construct family tree(s) from information that you input are absolutely invaluable, and they also give you various editable options on how you can present that information.