Who Do You Think You Are – New Series

The BBC Media Centre has announced that the BBC will be screening the 12th series of Who Do You Think You Are this summer. This popular genealogy research based television series presents well known celebrities discovering their ancestry with the help of genealogists, archivists and researchers.

This new series boasts many well known names including Sir Derek Jacobi, Jane Seymour, Frank Gardner and Frances de la Tour.

As always, no expense is spared to connect our celebrities to locations that have historic significance to their lives and the lives of their ancestors and the Tower of London, Tasmania, the Punjab in India and the Wild West of America are among the places visited.

When the Who Do You Think You Are series first started, there were many helpful ‘how to’s’ included in each programme for the amateur genealogist but these disappeared as the series continued and evolved.

However, there is still much to be learned that will be useful to family historians so I’d suggest that these programmes are a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in learning more about how to discover their ancestry.


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